Kristy Louise has danced a majority of her life, starting as a ballerina and winning herself a scholarship at quite a young age. This was just the beginning of her incredible achievements as a dancer and performer. In 2002 Kristy was recognized by a talent scout and selected to train as an elite gymnast at the Australian Institute of Sport, instructed by renowned coaches who train “exceptional world class athletes”. Training under this program was extensive with 6 hours a day being dedicated to gymnastics and a few hours of school In between. Kristy now attributes her elite gymnastics training for the discipline, stamina and technical skills that she has today. 

In 2013 Kristy Louise booked in her first pole dancing class where she thrived. Very quickly Kristy was recognized by one of Australia’s leading pole instructors for her technical dance and gymnastics skills, and was offered an job opportunity to instruct pole dance. Kristy was then thrown into the competitive spotlight, winning multiple awards as a professional soloist and group performer. 

Kristy has been an instructor at a number of well-regarded pole dancing schools and workshops across Australia; including the Australian Pole expo and as a spokeswoman for the Indi pole wear retreat in Bali. Describing herself as an anxious and awkward child, Kristy was able to find her freedom and confidence in the world of performance. However, her love of contortion only began in the last few years, and has grown to be become a huge part of her life. Kristy is now known for incorporating contortion in every piece she performs and sharing her love of contortion with students. 

Kristy Louise’s goal is to empower and support dancers, to encourage compassion, respect, and acceptance for all, regardless of gender, sexuality race or beliefs, through educating and performance. Kristy hopes to put an end to bullying and help others who may be suffering from mental illnesses.

Bethany Beltane: Up and coming showgirl Beltane is relatively new to the pole dancing scene, however with a number of amateur pole dance competition wins under her belt, she has quickly become a competitor to watch. With a background in formal dance training that began at aged 2, Beltane has over 27 years of experience in a variety of dance forms, including 20 years as a competitive highland dancer- a highly technical dance form requiring stamina, strength and functional flexibility.

Beltane has an extensive background in dramatic arts which includes 6 years of drama studies. She has also recently returned to ballet and gymnastics to complement her pole dancing and contortion training. Beltane’s dance background heavily influences her approach to contortion, which she has developed under the guidance of her instructor and close friend, Kristy Louise. With a strong focus on technique, Beltane takes an injury prevention-based approach to achieving flexibility, combined with a passion for finding fun ways to encourage strength building at end range of motion.

Meet Charlotte, our KONTORT blogger! With no formal dance or gymnastics training behind her Charlotte wasn’t a natural when it came to pole. 8 years, 6 studios (she moves a lot) and a whole lot of dry hands later she can’t imagine a life without pole in it.

Charlotte loves the sexy side of pole and believes there are very few problems that can’t be solved by rolling around on the studio floor to some old school RnB. If that doesn’t help, the network of beautiful people you meet on your pole journey will certainly do the trick.

After much deliberation, Charlotte took the plunge into competitive dance in 2016, entering her first competition, Vertical Limits, where she took out 2nd place. Since then she’s been hooked on binging original, entertaining shows to the stage. Her passion for performing as seen her achieve 1st Place at Mattara Pole Princess 2017, 1st Place Advanced Division of Risqué and 1st Place at Dance Filthy Amateur 2018.

In her muggle life Charlotte channels her love for writing into her full-time role in Employee Communications.

As KONTORT's blogger Charlotte can’t wait to bring the hot topics in the pole world to you!

It was love at first sight when Loren La Roux entered a pole studio for the first time late 2013. Since then, she's been obsessed with everything about pole and the community – from the sparkles on the stilettos, to the support and encouragement she had from her new pole family.

Loren now teaches pole and stretch on the Central Coast and is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals and discovering their sexuality through movement. Coming into the pole scene with no dance or gymnastics background, Loren attributes her strength and flexibility entirely to pole and the encouraging men and women who have helped her along the way, driving her to help her students and friends achieve their goals.  

Over the years, Loren has competed in several amateur and semi-pro competitions around Australia including Miss Pole Dance NSW, North NSW Pole Championships, Dance Filthy and Floorplay, to name a few, acquiring a small sash stash for herself.  

Outside of dance, Loren works full time in real estate and enjoys going for bush walks to bring her closer to our environment.

Lexi started on her pole journey in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the strength and confidence that came from learning new tricks. She has previously instructed pole, Lyra and aerial silks and thoroughly enjoys sharing this love with her students.

Debuting on stage in 2017, she has competed twice - once qualifying for regionals. She enjoys breaking out of her comfort zone to perform and loves the exhilaration of being on stage.

Lexi is a vegetarian and is passionate about making small changes to decrease her environmental footprint. Outside of dance Lexis other hobbies include fostering cats, kittens and occasionally dogs.

Lexi is proud to be a spokeswoman for KONTORT and is excited to be involved in a community of women supporting women.

Teeghan is not your average dancer, in fact, she hasn't traditionally danced since 2014. Teeghan is a gymnast, turned pole dancer and now a bikini fitness competitor. She spends her free time lifting heavy weights in the gym, and strutting her way across local, national and international stages.

She has competed across several states, in 2 national shows and in 2018, competed on the Arnold Sports Festival International stage. Teeghan feels that the gym is a very empowering place. Lifting weights has given her a physical and mental strength that has carried into her everyday life. To smash personal bests, and achieve strength goals is a feeling like no other and she is passionate about passing that wisdom onto others.

Teeghan is an advocate for woman finding their strength through physical exercise, whatever that may be; pole fitness, weightlifting, cycling, whatever gets you moving and feeling strong! She shares her journey to inspire others to reach for their goals and achieve their biggest aspirations in life.

Kontort embodies that same level of passion; empowering and supporting others to achieve their goals, and she is proud to be a spokeswoman for such an inclusive and supportive brand.