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Without your support, this could not be possible.

It has been a dream to support causes close to our hearts, a vision that we can only achieve with your trust. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

2 Blokes

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This Charity was brought together by Ryan and Aaron and have aligned themselves with the Black Dog Institute to raise much needed funds and awareness all for Mental Health.

Even though mental health is becoming better known and more accepted these days, with personal experiences there is still not enough being done resulting in people that do not seek further help because of this reason. 

They would like to make a bit of difference regarding this matter by not only creating a fundraiser and aiming to raise $10,000.00 in 12 months, but by becoming interactive within the community and growing our beards for 12 months, organising many events along the way for the community to attend via our Facebook page, hopefully gaining a few sponsors along the way and ending it all with a massive shave event!

By that time they probably both won’t want to get rid of their  beards but they are doing what they have to do all for in the name of mental health! 

they do hope you get on board and maybe even see you at an event or 2 to make a big difference for a great cause!

Helping create a mentally healthier world for everyone, 1 bit at a time. 

If you would like to make a donation, as even the smallest of donations counts, head along to:

$100 Donated 

The Rock-it Foundation is a non for profit organisation spreading awareness and aiding those who suffer from mental illnesses and suicidal tendencies.

The Foundation isseeking ways in which the support from Mental Health Professionals is provided in an appropriate and timely manner, aiming to cut back on those lengthy waiting periods. 

The foundation is in memory of our very own Rockit, Jacalyn Louise Willams, who on September 28th 2017 took her own life.

Jacalyn was an extremely talented dancer and in honour of her, multiple dancers from all across Australia come together to put on annual shows and events to raise funds for the Rockit Foundation.


Almost every day of the year one person under the age of 25 dies of suicide. 

(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Whilst not all of these tragic losses are a result of bullying, research shows that in many suicides of people under the age of 25, bullying is a major contributing factor.

The purpose of Angels Hope is to mentor, educate and inspire all children and young adults with the necessary life-long skills and courage to take action against becoming the victim of bullying and standing up against the perpetrators of bullying in schools, sporting clubs, workplaces and the broader community. 

KONTORT Apparel have joined the Charity Organisation, Angels Hope to help raise awareness on the affects of bullying and prevent the rate of suicides in children and young adults.

Bullying does not belong here.

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